Forest Glade Gardens are almost one hundred years old covering around 6 hectares (14.5 acres).


Originally the land was made up of two adjoining properties that comprised orchards and lush grazing paddocks.
In 1941 the Newton family purchased and extended the property and set about creating one of Mt Macedon's most stunning gardens.

In 1971 Forest Glade was acquired by Cyril Stokes who developed the gardens even further to the extent that you see today.
Unfortunately they were decimated by the tragic Ash Wednesday bushfires of 1983. But after many years of hard labour, Forest Glade was reborn and from the ashes, grew once again. 

In 2011 the property was gifted to a registered charity - The Stokes Collection Limited - with the intention of keeping Forest Glade Gardens maintained and open to the public for many years to come.